Hosting the 42nd annual congress of the National Association of Coastal Elected Representatives (ANEL)

Co-Evolve4BG: Participatory approach for sustainable coastal tourism in 7 Mediterranean sites

Facilitation of the 'Sea and Coast' working group of the French IUCN committee

IFQM: Facilitation of the 2022 France-Quebec maritime conference with a view to updating the scientific strategy

Animation of the national network of Local Action Groups for Fisheries and Aquaculture (LAGFA)

Pays de Brest Metropolitan Cluster: Evaluation of the CLLD-EMFAF programme 2015-2022

Study of the impact of shellfish farming on the local socio-ecosystem in Charente-Maritime (France)

PhD thesis - Surveillance data and planning of the French maritime space

Assistance to the development of integrated maritime policies in the Mediterranean