Bringing together local stakeholders for the benefit of their territory

Awareness of the central role of the sea is leading a growing number of coastal communities and authorities to want to integrate this space into their projects. In this context, the creation of effective and equitable maritime and coastal governance is the key to sustainable management of the marine and coastal environment.

SML & maritime and coastal governance

SML works to promote integrated maritime and coastal governance, encouraging dialogue between maritime and coastal stakeholders and enabling them to share their views on a given territory or issue. We assist maritime sectors, research actors and public authorities in defining strategies and action plans that enable them to position themselves and develop their activity in a complex and multi-actor environment. We help maritime actors to better identify their possible role and actions at the different levels of governance.

The existence of regulatory frameworks at several levels (local, regional, national and European) is often accompanied by deliberative structures aimed at ensuring that sectoral interests are properly taken into account. But governance is not limited to the existence of defined structures, it also includes more generally the interactions between maritime actors in a given territory.

Our projects on this topic