Promoting environmentally-friendly development of maritime and coastal areas

As the cradle of life, the ocean (in the singular!) plays a crucial role in the planet's ecosystem. Its unique and largely unknown biodiversity has been evolving for several billion years in a continuous environment covering more than two-thirds of the earth's surface. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of the Earth's biomass is found here, mainly concentrated near the coast.

However, for almost a century, this ecosystem has been subject to intense anthropogenic pressures, both direct (extraction of resources, artificialisation) and indirect (pollution, climate change), which are jeopardising the sustainability of ecosystem services that are essential to mankind: climate regulation, food, oxygen production, and so on.

Protection of the marine and coastal environment is now a priority objective at international level (UN, European Union, States). As a result, it is becoming imperative to implement effective conservation and management measures at local level to preserve the integrity of ecosystems at all levels.

SML is committed to respecting and protecting the marine and coastal environment as an essential part of its operations.

SML & protecting the marine environment

Our concern for the environment is reflected in our choice of projects and in our working methods.

From local to European level, SML supports project leaders in the fields of Marine Protected Areas (Mission Océan 2030), sustainable coastal tourism (Co-Evolve4BG), the resilience of marine ecosystems and the Good Ecological Status of coastal zones (Marine Environment Framework Directive). All these themes contribute to the same essential objective, that of protecting the marine and coastal environment in all its diversity.

In particular, SML promotes its methodological approach to Maritime and Coastal Capital, and more specifically the notion of "natural capital", the respect and protection of which are essential elements of our activities.

Our projects on this topic