The ocean is the world’s largest solar collector.

The sea overflows with energy coming directly or indirectly from solar radiation, a small part of the energy of the stars (Moon, Sun) and the Earth’s internal radiation (geothermal energy). Energy stored through a myriad of processes, available in many forms, visible (wind, swell and waves, coastal currents, etc.) more or less visible (heat, salinity gradients, offshore currents, etc.).

The potential of marine energies is considerable and can be exploited thanks to a large number of technologies, at various levels of development: from fixed wind power, which is already fully operational, to osmotic energy, of which there is only a prototype plant, and including ocean thermal energy, which is struggling to reach industrial level.

But regardless of the technologies, the exploitation of MRE depends on many other parameters linked to the ocean itself (available resources, technically and economically exploitable potential, environment and ecosystems) but also to its users (fishermen, sailors) and communities.

SML and Marine Renewable Energies

We assist project owners and strategy managers in the maritime and coastal integration of MRE.

Our expertise aims to ensure :

  • Environmental integration: integration into marine ecosystems, compatibility with environmental policies and regulations, particularly European, whether at the strategic level or at the project level (impact study);
  • Social or societal integration: beyond “acceptability”, this involves analysing the issues for each of the existing or future stakeholders, and taking them into account in a fully integrated approach; We develop in-depth analyses of maritime activities in the area of MRE park projects (land-based and floating wind turbines, tidal turbines) with a view to managing the risks and potential conflicts;
  • Finally, energy integration: MRE must be integrated into an existing energy system, where it is not always easy to integrate them, for reasons of supply and demand, transport, network and energy vector.

Some examples of our work in this area