Growing research needs, in new fields…

The last few decades have been marked by the growing importance of maritime issues, both socio-economic and environmental.

At sea, new activities are developing at an impressive rate: utilisation of renewable marine energies, deep-sea mining, utilisation of marine biodiversity for pharmaceuticals or cosmetics, seaweed cultivation…

It is becoming increasingly clear that in response to this ongoing innovation, there is a need to innovate in terms of the regulation and planning of these activities. These developments raise new and difficult questions concerning the humanities: political sciences, geography, sociology, law, must address these new questions and establish the academic foundations for solving them.

SML and R&I

The role of SML is to ensure communication between science and decision making. This role of “mediator” is currently rather poorly fulfilled by both researchers and decision-makers, each believing that it is up to the other to make the path that separates them.

For certain fields, due to a lack of satisfactory academic response, SML conducts or aptly supports research and innovation.