• Présentation générale : les énergies marines (Journées Scientifiques de l’Environnement du Val de Marne – Février 2017 : JSE 2017 – Energies Marines

Introduction to IMP (MEDCOAST Workshop – 2016)

Participation in national and regional policies

  • IMP, MSP, ICZM, Land planning… : Towards seamless planning and management? (2016) : IMP-MSP-ICZM FINAL

Comité France Océan, Avril 2019 – Taxation for the Seas and Coasts

Annual days of the national assembly of coastal elected officials, France 2018 – Coastal territories and blue economy

Assises of the Sea Economy, France 2017 – Maritime capital in 2 slides


Assistance: preparation for the elaboration of the maritime and coastal strategy of the Brittany region. Results are available here.

Assistance: Strategic diagnosis for the sea and coastal Challenge in Loire-Atlantique. Results are available here.