Baseline study for the implementation of the European Mission “Restoring our Oceans and Waters by 2030” in the Atlantic and Arctic Lighthouse Area

Evaluation of the CLLD-EMFF 2015-2021 programme of the Pays de Brest (Brittany)

Atlantic Assistance Mechanism (Atlantic Action Plan 2.0)

Animation of the ‘Sea and Coast’ Working Group of the French IUCN Committee

Study of the impact of shellfish farming on the local socio-ecosystem in Charente-Maritime (France)

Assistance to the elaboration of the Algerian National Strategy for the Blue Economy (SNEB)

PhD THESIS: Contributions of maritime surveillance data to maritime spatial planning in metropolitan France; Between technical potential and political constraints.

Assessment of European Member States’ progress on Descriptor 7 of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)