Many maritime assets and issues are concentrated near the coast (biodiversity, biological, mineral and energy resources, ports, competition for space…). But the land section of the coastal zone is also subject to intense competition for space. Therefore, it is not surprising that the core need in order to manage the coast in a dynamic way led to develop the first really integrated approaches on the coast: thus was created the Integrated Management of Coastal Zones (ICZM).

ICZM, a component of the integrated “tool box”

Spatial planning has been used for centuries to organize the use of land space, mainly private, through land planning and urban planning.

The spatial planning is just beginning to develop at sea, public space with three dimensions.

ICZM allows the implementation of both frameworks in a consistent way in terms of planning, management and governance.

Our areas of activity

ICZM has been the subject of much scientific work, and was successfully implemented in many regions; yet this approach struggles to develop beyond the time and space framework of projects (a few tens of kilometres, a few years), after which momentum if often lost.

SML supports public authorities to operationalize ICZM and make it sustainable: mapping of stakeholders and issues at stake, maritime and coastal foresighting, design of strategies at all scales and all levels (from local to regional seas), adaptation of regulation, implementation, monitoring and surveillance, evaluation.

Previous experience

  • Contribution to the development of coastal policies at national scale (EU and non-EU)
  • Contribution to the design of ICZM strategy at regional sea scale
  • Training (administrative officers) and education (university)
  • Support to local communities